Repetition made the park perfect Third time here was the charmer


A few days ago the students from a local day care center sat themselves down on the lawn next to an adjacent parking lot and together with their teachers spent a good 15 minutes watching the female driver of the white automobile (on the left) attempt to park in a tight parking area. Her first two attempts appeared to be both unsuccessful and frustrating. The third try was the charm. The woman in pink helped direct the driver into the sought after spot.

A group of young school children on an early morning field trip with their female caretakers had barely settled down on a small patch of lawn adjacent to a mini mall’s parking lot when the female driver of a white vehicle attempted to park in the single vacant parking space remaining there.

At first glance the space appeared to be free of any obstacles that would hamper the driver from successfully settling there. On closer inspection however there was an abandoned steel shopping cart that was barely jutting out into the the lane and the driver when she eventually noticed this was forced to get out of her vehicle and push the cart off to the side.

After she did this she returned to her car only to discover that the cart had rolled back into the middle of the desired lane and so she was once again forced to get out of her car and try to remove the obstacle from the lane a second time.

There was a small imperceptible speed bump on the surface of the lot that was only noticeable with close scrutiny. The woman was getting visibly frustrated. Even the youngsters noticed her agitation and sat quietly to watch her efforts. She pushed the cart onto a small patch of lawn and secured the cart there in the grass.

There was also a large green garbage refuse bin located behind a concrete pillar  at the very end of the lot which made this particular parking manoeuver especially tricky. She tried one more time to gain entry to the spot but to no avail. She must have questioned her own driving ability and experience and sat there quietly in her car for a few moments.

The instructor in the pink blouse noticing her dilemma volunteered to guide her into the desired parking stall. After a few hesitant moments the woman finally parked her car. The children cheered and the grateful woman thanked the teacher for her assistance.

This was one definite example wherein both persistence paid and third time was the charm.

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4 Comments on Repetition made the park perfect Third time here was the charmer

  1. I love that the kids cheered–they got it! Good post, Gerry.

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  2. The kids got an impromptu lesson in teamwork and kindness!

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