A quiet spot to relax for a while Mother and child share a moment

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The youngster in this real life scenario squiggled and squirmed and moved about incessantly in its mother’s lap after a few initial moments of inactivity. Its personal goal was to explore the immediate area for something interesting to discover and explore. The mother sought only peace and quiet and shelter from the hot sun.

Eventually realizing the hopelessness of struggling the child fell asleep for a short time before its mother decided to continue on her journey home. The youngster awoke without incident and the mother carefully placed it back in the nearby stroller.

Her quiet time provided the child with opportunities for adventure and exploration. The private road behind them offered time for mother and child to bond in a loving and caring way. It was a great afternoon for adventure.

 Windows provide unlimited opportunities for us to catch a passing glimpse of life as it happens right before our eyes. It’s simply a matter of opening the drapes, raising the blinds and catching an unfettered view of the world about yourself. Now that’s entertainment!



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  1. Thank you for the heads up on that one. Enjoy the day. 🙂


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