A letter with a timeless message “Live each and every day fully”

   “I think my mother… made it clear that you have to live life by your own terms and you have to not worry about what other people think and you have to have the courage to do the unexpected.” — Caroline Kennedy


As this photo so readily suggests as you approach your challenges or your goals in your daily life keep a song in your heart, loved ones by your side, a colorful umbrella in your hand to chase the clouds away and a smile on your face. Setbacks are temporary but love, hope and faith in the future is all that matters.

Dear Teenage Me

Whether your facing your first case of acne, that intimidating first date or those personal problems that neither of your concerned parents could ever understand or even begin to appreciate remember that you are not alone and that these minor setbacks although they may appear today to be insurmountable will pass. Don’t let them get you down and believe in your own wonderful future.


Dear Older Me

You’ve made it through the most challenging years somewhat tattered and scarred but also wiser and more mature. You’ve mad mistakes along the way but we all make bad choices now and again. You’re only human. Be grateful that you have people who love you and that the best years lay ahead.

You might not be able to see that now but over time you will realize that life is forever evolving and that you have a major role in its unfolding in your own personal situation. Never despair and look for the good in others always. That’s the key to living well. Carpe Diem. Be happy. 



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2 Comments on A letter with a timeless message “Live each and every day fully”

  1. Yes, I can identify. I’ll be 78 next month, and I don’t know how I’ve manage to get this far. Very thoughtful.

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    • Many of us have left the teenage years and the mid-thirties well behind. But the things we learnt from those experiences of those bygone days help to form who we have become today. Thank you for your thoughts. Enjoy the day.

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