The Daily Post – The Fourth Wall Post reporters’ tale inspirational


Dustin Hoffman (left) and Robert Redford portray Washington Post reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward in a taut political tale about the corruption plaguing the White House during the Nixon administration. The behind-the-scenes investigative process and the ultimate public exposure was enough to inspire me to become a journalist.

“All the Presidents Men” was the inspirational movie that helped to determine my choice of career path.

At the time I was a journalism student with a university degree seeking a change in direction. I watched that movie at least half a dozen times and even took notes as the two reporters pursued the truth on the silver screen.

The movie to me was more academic then entertainment. I watched intently the way the reporters were able to ferret out the the most insignificant detail of information that could reveal deeper truths.

I also read the book and the commentary that the two reporters and Benjamin “Ben” Bradlee,  the executive editor of The Washington Post from 1968 to 1991 , had made in the book.

My own career as a reporter exposed me to the genre of “small town” corruption that previous editors failed to discover or merely overlook. I was able to correct a number of social wrongs that were being accepted as commonplace in the areas that I covered in my beat.

My  editors allowed me the freedom and the latitude to pursue and write about issues that were not really covered by the larger newspapers. I thank them for their patience and understanding.

Sometimes that Fourth Wall of anonymity offers not only entertainment value but also life changing direction to those in the audience wanting to change their current situations.

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3 Comments on The Daily Post – The Fourth Wall Post reporters’ tale inspirational

  1. The first time I saw that movie was as an undergraduate in a Political Film class. I’ve got to say, I found it flawless. It’s so different from most big-budget movies of today because it had minimal music ans special effects. Yet I was in the grips of the film from the sound of the first typewriter. It’s no wonder it inspired you. I’m not even a journalist and it inspired me.

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    • I think the bare bones scenario of the film without the Hollywood infused sound track help it convey its message well to the audience. For a number of years I used the same type of typing machine that they used in the film. Mistakes happened but you tried to do your best as your fingers flew across the keys at breakneck speed. Thank you for your thoughts. Enjoy the day. 🙂


  2. Thanks. 🙂


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