Daily Prompt “You’re a Winner!” Transients discuss big dollar win

  "...being rich ain't what it's cracked up to be. It's just worry and worry, and sweat and sweat, and a-wishing you was dead all the time." -- -The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

An empty bottle of beer, a worn out spot under a shade tree and two  transients discuss the pros and the cons of winning the one billion dollar lottery prize.

The scene is set. An empty long-necked beer bottle, a worn out spot under a shade tree and two transients  - an older man in his mid 60's and a younger middle aged man  - discuss the pros and the cons of winning the one billion dollar lottery prize at one a.m. in the morning outside a nearby apartment building.

Editorial Note: This partially fictitious tale is based upon a  certain degree of fact and an awful lot of fiction. There was a human interest story in the newspaper a few years ago about a man who won one million dollars in a local lottery, spent it foolishly in two years time and then five years later again won the state Power Ball Jackpot of another one million dollars cash prize. This article is dedicated to all those who believe that immense riches will set you free.


Frank, a man in his mid-60’s , and his friend John , a homeless drifter ,  set themselves down beside the jagged and worn bark of a nearby shade tree. It had been a long day and both were exhausted from their bottle collecting activities.

They were about to enjoy their midnight snack ( a ham and cheese submarine sandwich ) and share a few sips from a cold bottle of lager beer. The lawn at the nearby apartment building offered them a secluded and quiet spot to enjoy their snack and share their thoughts.


Frank: “Well I’m glad this day is finally over. The weather was ideal for being outside and there were an awful ot of bottles to be collected”

John: ” I agree…it did pay off to be outside today. But, I’m exhausted. I wish that I could win a part of that billion dollar jackpot that the lottery company is offering. What I would do with that money.”

Frank: “Well, it does sound tempting but truth be told all that cash won’t make you a happier man my boy. I know…been there …and done that years ago. Won a million dollars twice in a couple of lotteries. How’s that for luck?”

John: “Really. So what happened. I thought someone who’d win all that dough would be on easy street for the rest of their lives. Did you squander the money?”

Frank: “In a manner of speaking yes. I was an idiot.I learned that having that much money makes a person more careless and not cautious with their blessings. I was younger back then and suddenly inherited an army of friends to help me celebrate my good fortune.”

John: “Fair weather friends who took unfair advantage of you and your wealth?”

Frank: “Not really. Just ordinary folks who saw a fool ready to part with his money. I was equally to blame with this personal fleecing. I bought friends new cars, spent all my money on prostitutes, drugs, booze bashes and good times and never really did any good with the money. As I said I was an idiot.”

John: ” I don’t think I’d be that foolish with that much money. I’d probably be the exact opposite and become wary where all my money was going. My current homeless situation would force me to be a lot smarter with my money.”

Frank: “Well I really hate to burst your logic bubble but when you have that much cash in your two hands you kinda lose it and spend it all like a drunken sailor in port for a few days. It just happens to even the most sanest of folks. The money seems to turn them into good time Charlies.”

John: “Didn’t you smarten up the second time you won that million dollar lottery.”

Frank: “Not really. I got worse and spent it all again in about two years doing the same foolish things that caused me to lose the first million. I couldn’t tell friend from foe and hoped that by sharing the money with others they might take an interest in me. They didn’t and I learned that the hard way. Such is life my friend.”  


At this stage of the game they finish their submarine sandwiches, take one last sip of the cold beer and part company for the night. The rest helped them regain their inner strength and resolve.

The sharing of ideas allowed them to analyze their past mistakes and appreciate the fact that money isn’t everything but it is tempting to those folks who dream of what they would do if they did somehow manage to get their hands on that kind of a financial windfall.

Life is more than money and wealth. It’s about people. A billion dollars would merely clutter your judgement and befuddle your common sense. The responsibility of having so much money would cause many folks to act irresponsibly. And yes, they too would blow it all on nothing.



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4 Comments on Daily Prompt “You’re a Winner!” Transients discuss big dollar win

  1. Much thanks for stopping by my recovery blog. I see you had your eye on an older post I had done. Your post here is fantastic. Isn’t interesting when we ask others what they would do if they won The Lottery?
    I’m enjoying reading your prior posts too!

    I have another WP blog where I Book Promote for other authors and myself. Come by anytime and find an excellent read “-) https://anauthorandwriterinprogress.wordpress.com

    *Catherine* 🙂


    • Thank you for your kind words and comments. Always appreciated. I think asking others what they would do if they won big in the lottery is an offshoot of wish fulfillment. We ask others what they would do, compare their reply as to what we would do if we were fortunate enough to win the lottery and go on from there. Can anyone really be rational when they win one billion dollars? Who knows. Enjoy the day Catherine. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You’re welcome *Cat*. Enjoy the day. 🙂


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