Prompt The kindness of strangers Stepping up to lend helping hand



Today we live in cynical times. Many folks have become leery about helping a stranger out of a difficult situation.

These folks even have second thoughts about helping friends and neighbors they have known for years.

 Doubt, insecurity or just plain indifference at times holds them back from helping out during a crisis situation. 

My neighbor, Theresa , recently stepped up to the plate and helped this lost little boy. She noticed him crying outside the apartment building for a while. He was in an agitated state.

She picked up her purse, asked the child his name and address and then took his hand and led him home.

It happened on a Sunday afternoon when a number of the residents were away for the weekend.

This lady, a senior, seeing that the child was agitated and frightened did not hesitate to lend a helping hand. She did not know the youngster but that did not matter. She told me later that he “was a person in need of help and she was glad she could bring him home safely.”

Many modern day Samaritans are out there waiting for their chance to be good neighbors. Many are called. Few are chosen.  All are needed.


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6 Comments on Prompt The kindness of strangers Stepping up to lend helping hand

  1. Blessings to Theresa !

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  2. It would be a sad world indeed if we didn’t stop to help children. Kudos to Theresa.

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  3. Its a Great Post indeed.
    I think our wavelengths match.
    I have actually browsed your blog in a hurry as I am to divert my attention for something important.
    I shall be right back again.
    I have done some Posts which you may be interested to see, you are welcome to my Blog.
    See you soon.

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