Daily Post — The Golden Hour Energetic way to start your day


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During the summer months the idyllic “golden hour” is that time when the sunlight sneaks into my bedroom window and announces to me that soon the hustle and bustle of the city will be passing by my door. If I happened to have stumbled into bed by 3 a.m. I know that my quality of sleep will suffer for my tardiness.

This fact is especially true during the months of June through July when municipalities decide to tackle those road repair projects that have been years in the waiting and have now decided to tackle them whole heartedly.

At 7:01 Wednesday morning I heard a cacophony of heavy machinery and vehicles positioning themselves near my bedroom window. At 7:30 I decided to investigate the cause of all the commotion and noticed the work crew above preparing for their day.

 The three-man team was preparing one of the machines for a day’s work. Cables had to be undone and reset, mechanical arms had to be adjusted and recalibrated to accept the heavy duty cables and a high degree of teamwork and expertise was required so that the safe installation of the equipment was assured.

I chatted briefly with the members of this work detail and they told me that this was their “golden hour” to get things done. The flow of vehicular traffic around the site was minimal, pedestrian traffic was just about non existent at this early hour and the weather these days was in their favor. An ideal day for them.

Mark, the person actually manhandling the equipment in the photo, told me that he enjoys the early morning workouts. He has been doing this type of labor for a number of years and “enjoys the warmer summer weather over the winter deep freeze.”

The majority of the street paving equipment began arriving after 7 a.m. and they were beginning the operation a few minutes after 8 a.m. In a way it was a type of ballet in which man interacted easily with his machinery. This was this group’s golden opportunity to get the job done right.




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