Daily Prompt – Snapshot Stories Mini photo reveals major issues

“Remember as there are people that can help you to roll the boat of your dreams, there are also people who can drill holes under that boat to make it sink.” ― Israelmore Ayivor, Shaping the dream


Picture of myself and the developer ( in the front) surveying the construction site during height of the demolition process. He lived in the trailer (top right ) for a good portion of the time. Behind-the-scene chicanery and closed door politicking at times retarded the update process.

A number of years ago I was the editor/photographer for a weekly community newspaper located on Lake St Clair. It was a retirement community and the residents there enjoyed sailing, fishing, canoeing, hockey and the sounds of the waves splashing easily on the beach properties surrounding the area. Ice fishing in the winter was a family affair.

It was the ideal place to live but the site lacked an adequate marina to handle the increasing number of lake traffic that was visiting the area. This was a highly contentious issue for the local town council who desperately vied for the right to keep the project on a local level.

An out-of-town real estate developer from Florida also wanted to develop the site. He and his family resided in the area during the spring and summer months . At times his presence tended to gall the contentious members of town fathers. They viewed him and his family as outsiders and never a part of their close knit community.

This family feud situation simmered and boiled over for many months. Eventually a  compromise was reached, the marina was constructed and the small town was able to welcome the yachters and small boat owners who wanted to land at the updated marina. Local businesses also benefitted from the increase of potential customers to the area.

This snap shot in time visually captures the feelings of angst and despair that many boat owners had towards the council’s squabbling over construction rights. While the building rights were always in a state of flux they still needed a safe and secure place to anchor their boats. 

Common sense and the power of economics helped the project reach completion. It was a tumultuous time for the people of this tiny community.




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