WP Photo Challenge: Off-Season (2)

Reflections for my Soul

Spotted these flip-flops back in March at one of the rest stops on the AC Expressway.  I could not believe that some person/company actually made them and someone actually bought paid $22.00 for them.

Whats your opinion?  Would you wear them?

These are, in my opinion, always off-season.

Could you? Could you?

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All comments welcome.

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7 Comments on WP Photo Challenge: Off-Season (2)

  1. I think that someone with a lot of time on their hands got the creative marketing impulse to transplant their Chia Plant from the traditional plant holder to a new “vehicle” of conveyance. They were thinking green and wanted to pass this sentiment along. But the thought of actually wearing these flip flops anywhere is a bit challenging to say the least. Great post Robin.


  2. These would be for somewhat who likes to walk barefoot through the grass but doesn’t have the energy to go outside. 😀

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  3. The grassy interior might be comfortable on the feet, and they do have a whimsical look. So I might wear them once or twice; not for every day…


  4. Hmm. questions come to mind… Do you have to mow them ? if you take them off in your yard would you ever find them ?

    seriously though…. I know are feet are very absorbent, and if they are made of some sort of unfriendly plastic chemical, then they are a no no for health reasons..

    Would I wear them.. if they were healthy, comfy, stayed on properly…. perhaps, they might go perfectly with my grass skirt.

    they are a laugh… thanks for exposing them..


  5. Some footwear should always be exposed…grass skirts are another topic entirely. A person would have to ensure that the covering on the flip flops was grass and not Astro Turf. Thanks for your thoughts.


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