W P Photo Challenge – Off-season Waiting for the return of tourists



In the real world when foot traffic diminishes and the number of people visiting a well-known vacation spot plummets to just about single digits the natural inclination is to assume that the “off season” has finally arrived and that a well deserved temporary hiatus will replenish and refresh the destination in question.

This mode of thinking may be correct for a great majority of stressed out folks and Broadway play productions but the fact of the matter remains that places of natural beauty and enchantment still retain their allure long after the bean counters have given up the ghost on them.

The residents of Saturna Island off the B. C. coast realize and appreciate the fact that their corner of the world is filled with vistas, woodlands and trails that not only welcome visitors to the area but also retains an exquisite innocence that easily captures the hearts, souls and imagination of all those who are lucky enough to visit this inspirational realm.

During its “off season” visitors to the island can still enjoy the solitude, wonder and freedom that many travelers crave when they finally plan for their “off time” and escape the hassle and tension filled reality of their everyday lives.






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