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Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don’t turn up at all.” —  Sam Ewing.


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In a recent Word Press Challenge – Ephemeral (http://wp.me/p11rCr-1v4) I wrote about the challenges that one two- man municipal cleanup crew faced when trying to cut and clear away the many over hanging branches that were adjacent to many city streets and pedestrian sidewalk areas.

The weather on that particular day was far from ideal but the crew members continued to perform their jobs to the best of their ability. The winds blew, the ground was slippery from the recently fallen snow and temperatures were frigid. A tough work scenario made that much more difficult by the inclement weather conditions.On that day the two-man work crew did their best and succeeded to clear away a large amount of dead branches and tree limbs.

Earlier this week I was awakened by the roaring sound of a hand held power saw and wood chipper busily engaged in the task of cutting away dead trees branches and limbs from tall trees that were located on a nearby schoolyard. The job began about nine a.m. and once again a two-person crew worked diligently and professionally to maintain the safety aspect for the school children. 

One employee Mark ,secured inside the basket of a cherry picker’s overhang mechanical arm , handled the cutting and trimming aspect of the assignment. His partner for the job  Sarah — a single parent with two dependent school aged children to support – worked the ground level clean up operation. Sarah had activated the wood chipper’s motor and waited patiently on the ground while Mark skilfully trimmed at the tree’s branches and twigs.

The two employees working as a tightly knit team worked efficiently and had the job site cleared up in about 30 minutes. When Mark finished his part of the job he helped Sarah with the raking and the cleanup of the area.

In the previous article I centered my attention more on the cutting and trimming aspect of this difficult job. This time I decided to center my attention on Sarah’s role in the completion of the task. The job as you can readily appreciate requires stamina, skill, patience, flexibility and of course dedication. 




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