Weekly Photo Challenge Motion Baseball’s sporadic infield action


There are three types of baseball players: Those who make it happen, those who watch it happen and those who wonder what happens.”  —  Tommy Lasorda


Keeping your eyes focused on the ball is hard work sometimes!

   Many sports enthusiasts consider baseball to be a less intense, less physically demanding game than say football or soccer. At times they are correct in their assumptions.

They flippantly tend to cast snide remarks about those folks who look forward to either watching a  professional game at a ballpark or else indulging in a friendly sandlot game with co-workers, neighbors or even the children. 

The drama and the intensity of the game’s more sporadic moments of confusion, doubt and melodrama eludes them but the true baseball fan revels in the fact that at any time during a game tempers will flare, umpires will make bad judgement calls and generally a quiet game of ball will turn into a melee of emotions and screaming fans demanding justice for their team.

 Both the runner and the third baseman pictured in this scenario were caught off guard as the ball easily and effortlessly glided by them both. It had been an intense inning and the out would still have resulted in a tied game. The runner tagged the plate and was safe and the ball ended up as a strike for the batter. 

The next batter managed to successfully slam a line drive down the first base line, free the runner on third to run to home plate and end the session with a one run lead in the ninth inning. The momentary confusion tended to iron itself out and the win-lose drama of the game was settled when the winning run tagged up at home plate. 


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6 Comments on Weekly Photo Challenge Motion Baseball’s sporadic infield action

  1. Baseball brings people together, although I admit it’s slower than hockey or football. Right now NYC has the Subway Series, Mets vs Yankees, People pare pretty adamant about their team preferences and that just shows me how much baseball means to the ordinary person. Great shot!!

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    • Thank you Linda for your comments. I wonder if baseball is slower because it is played during the warmer weather months whereas hockey is enjoyed in a cold rink and football takes place during the colder weather. You are correct. Baseball fans are just as committed to their favorite team and just as vocal as the more “aggressive” sports. Enjoy the day!

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  2. Ah what a great photo to “motion”

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  3. Amanda Ricks // April 27, 2015 at 4:51 pm // Reply

    I, unfortunately, am one of those “who wonders what happens” when it comes to baseball! Oh well. 🙂

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    • At times I find myself in the same boat about baseball especially when one of the base umpires makes a call that is absolutely baffling. Thanks for your comment. 🙂 Enjoy the day.

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